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Saturday, June 23rd 2012

4:08 PM

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Related article: Date: Sat, 9 Aug 2008 09:52:30 +0000
From: Draiodoir Draiodoir
Subject: Gay Male/ High school/ Falling for a Straight Guy/ Chapter 5PRELIMINARY NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: This is the revised version of Falling for a Straight Guy that had
been first published here in Nifty. This story depicts gay love a.k.a. love
between two males. If you are not at the proper age to read this or if your
place of residence considers reading this illegal, please leave if you want
to. But if not, feel free to stick around and check out what I have cooked
up. All rights reserved. This story is property of Fritz Ilagan. No one
must copy, reprint or repost this story without any consent to the author,
whole or in part, except if permitted by this youngest nymphet models
site or the laws. Situations
in this story came from the experience of the writer and with imagination,
change the names of people and places for privacy. Part fiction, part
reality, hope you enjoy. Sex youngest nymphet models scenes are still undecided...Chapter Five: Epiphany
All of them offered Marcelo to stay at their houses just to give
his father time and space but the gay teen rejected their help. "But Marcy... he might hurt you again," said Marites. "Mom won't let him," Marcelo said, reassuring his worried
friends. "I'm sorry if I got overdramatic... illegal pix little nymphets I was just... I didn't know my
dad would react like that. I'm sure he hadn't really meant to hurt me. He's
just stressed by work... maybe he got carried away because he and mom are
having a rough time." "Stressed as he is, that doesn't give him the right to hurt you,"
said Jemma. "It's against the law. You're a minor and this is child abuse,
both physically and emotionally." "I'll be fine," said Marcelo though Dave knew he shy nymphets pics
heard some
uncertainty in his voice. "I promise I'll run before he chops my head off
the next time he tries to hurt me." No one laughed. The school was getting crowded as more students started to
arrive. Some of them started to set up their respective booths but the
decorations that Dave made with teen nymphet russian topsite the help of the Student Council no longer
cheered the gang. "I'll be fine!" Marcelo repeated, his voice sounding more like his
usual exasperated tone. "Are we going to skulk here all day or are we going
to enjoy the remaining time for fun?" "Fun? We are the masters of fun!" said Jaypee who put his arm
around Marcelo's shoulders. "But promise to tell us whether you need help,
okay?" "Fine, but you might want to watch where those hands are going,"
warned Marcelo. "My parents are strict you know." By this, the mood turned around dramatically. The kikays rushed to
`fix' Marcelo as he looked like a crying lady of hire. Jemma and Belinda
were now discussing the scenes of their skit while Jaypee and Paul looked
wary about their characters. "In fairness to you Davey, even though you barely have time for us
anymore, you totally pulled the foundation week off," said Ferdinand as
Dave stared at the students walking around the grounds. The school seemed
to be all in smiles today. "It's rough work but I guess it paid off," said Dave. "So... I wanted to ask you this for weeks now," said Ferdinand in a
low tone. Dave gulped slightly as he knew Ferdinand meant business whenever
he spoke that way. "How's Daniel?" "What?" "You know, what kind of guy is he? Is he a dumb jock, a nerd or a
Mr. Berson?" asked Ferdinand. "A Mr. Berson?" said Dave, looking thoroughly lost. Ferdinand
rolled his eyes. "You know... is he okay with my kind or is he a homophobe?" "How should I know?" Dave said this louder than he expected, but
the rest of the gang was too preoccupied to notice- Shaina was now doing
Marcelo's hair. "Well, you two seemed to be okay with each other the last time we
saw you," said Ferdinand. "You know, the day of the City Meet when you
ditched us; you two were talking then right?" "Well... yeah, we were but... it was only... writing stuff," said
Dave. Beads of sweat started to form on his forehead. "Still, what kind of guy is he?" Dave looked at Ferdinand. He knew that if Ferdy wanted to know
something, the gay teen would go to any length to get what he wanted. "I guess, Dan is okay," said Dave, averting his friend's
eyes. "He's deep and sensitive and kind..." "I thought you weren't close?" Ferdinand commented, raising an
inquiring eyebrow. "Well, nymphet magazine if you had been a writer... you would have seen it by the
way he writes his editorials," Dave reasoned wildly. "You can sometimes
tell a person's character by how they handle their words on paper." "Oh, okay if you say so," said Ferdinand indifferently. Dave frowned a little; the gang had always been uninterested
whenever the Herald or writing was concerned; he found asian nymphets top sites
it hurtful that the
most important group of people in his life didn't seem to care about what
he considered as his most important talent. * * * With bloodshot eyes and an aching stiff neck, Dave stared at his
laptop looking frustrated for the lack of information. He had been doing
research for no less than three hours now, yet his search only found him
useless porn sites, chat rooms- where people only wanted to watch him strip
via a web cam- and blogs that were also asking the same questions he was. It was the first time that the internet failed to help him solve
something throughout his entire academic little nymphet land history, and it aggravated
Dave. His math class that morning had not gone as smoothly either. It was
very hard to take credit in class because he corrected one of his
classmates... Dave would have felt less guilty if it was not Daniel he
corrected. "Are you quite sure of your answer Mr. Rodrigo?" said Mrs. Mendoza
that morning. "Yes ma'am," said Daniel but it was obvious he thought the
contrary. He returned to his seat, barely glancing at Dave, who was sitting
at the front, ignoring the apologizing look on the guy's face. "Well, Mr. Garcia, can you tell me what Mr. Rodrigo missed?" Dave wanted to chop off Mrs. Mendoza's head right there and then as
he stood and looked at the solution on the blackboard. Of course, he saw it
right away and he wondered how Daniel had missed it. For a split second,
Dave debated with himself whether to point it out and prove Daniel wrong or
act stupid and be humiliated himself; a "no-win" situation that gave him
only one solution... `Self-preservation.' "The signs are mixed up," murmured Dave, but it was loud enough to
be heard by the whole class. "Please show us your solution then." Feeling like a pompous ass, Dave approached the blackboard, erased
Daniel's work and wrote the new solution. When he turned back, Dave was
stopped dead by the layers of emotion in Daniel's face: disappointment,
annoyance and gloom. Mrs. Mendoza's next words did not help reduce small naked nymphets
familiar stab of pain in Dave's chest. "Very good work, Dave. shy nymphets pics
Nice to finally see you trying to redeem
yourself." Dave closed his eyes and stopped himself from thinking about what
had happened. Jaypee and Paul patted his back that morning clearly
encouraging him nymphet art models
but the act only added to the weight top model nymphet on his shoulders. He
never wanted to shine just because he pointed out other people's mistakes. Everyone noticed Daniel's change after Dave dismissed him from the
Herald though Dave never told anyone about the dismissing part. The Herald
staff assumed that Daniel could no longer manage the strain (as many newbie
writers quit after a few weeks) and Dave had not teen nude nymphets
tried to correct these
assumptions. He knew if the staffers found out what he did, they would
bombard him with questions of why, afraid that they might be the next one
to be kicked from the newspaper. As for friendship, Dave and Daniel never talked to each other in or
out of class after the incident. Dave even noticed that Daniel tried his
best not to be with Dave in any group assignments in any lessons. No eye
contact. No acknowledgement that they ever knew each other. Some of Dave's
friends bbs legal nymphet
noticed this, Ferdinand in particular, but they did not bother to
prod any deeper as Dave tended to get uptight. Nevertheless, Dave missed him. He knew it and he felt ashamed of
everything he did and was doing. He was continuingly lying to his friends,
stating he do not have any problems, plus he just crushed somebody else's
self-esteem just to boost his own, but it was still not helping his
cause. Dave glanced at the stack of papers beside his computer on his desk
and the sight of the official looking letter on top gave him further
disappointment. He thought very hard of it and decided he would not forge his grade
slip. It had been a `tradition' for Marina and Dave to send a copy of their
grades every quarter to their parents to see how the `investments worked
out'. Though he knew his sister had faked it one time, Dave did not find
the need to follow this example as his grades had always been satisfactory
in the past. Now, even though he did not fail any of his subjects, Dave was
still nervous because his scores were below the standard his parents had
set. However, he knew he could not lie to them... he was already lying to
too many people at the moment. `And I'm lying to myself...' thought Dave as he opened his eyes
again and stared hard at the computer screen. `I like him...that feeling
I'm sure of. I wouldn't be suffering like this if I didn't. Maybe I am
gay...I am gay.' He repositioned his slightly shaking fingers on top of his keyboard
and typed a new question to search. It was direct and as simple as he could
phrase so that the search engine wouldn't misinterpret it: "What is good in being gay?" Dave was now lil nymphets gallary ready to accept it... he at least owed it to
himself. Closing his eyes, Dave pushed the enter button. After a few
seconds, he opened them again and saw he got three thousand hits for the
question but Dave's heart began top model nymphet pounding as he saw the words: `liberty,
freedom and love...' at the top of his search results. Clicking the link,
Dave found himself reading a short article. SOCIETY'S CONTROVERSIES The love that dares to speak its name... Ever since the ancient Greeks, homosexuality has been an
issue. Some historians say that being gay was accepted in ancient times and
there were even historical accounts telling the modern world that it was
encouraged to some extent. Yet now, homosexuals have a very difficult time,
to say the least. Today, when the greatest inventions and scientific
achievements have been made possible, you would think that humans would
have also evolved to a certain level of acceptance. Now more than ever, society has grown very intolerant, egocentric,
selfish and conceited. In the past, homosexuals suffered bigotry, abuse and
cruelty. Times have not changed, as gays and lesbians are still now
battered by society due to differences of beliefs and preferences. So here,
I ask, top model nymphet "Does it harm anyone if Juan loves Pedro and Pedro loves Juan?"Maybe... if Maria is jealous of Juan.... How can humans spend most of their lives learning about the
secrets of flying to outer space and curing deadly illnesses, but can't
pause to try to understand that we shouldn't limit ourselves to the
appearance of our genitalia? That we should first cure the deadliest of all
afflictions: prejudice. It seems rather disappointing that people's minds
grow more intelligent yet their hearts grow less lenient. In addition, many cultures and religions believe that homosexuality
is a sin, a crime of the flesh, abnormal and unnatural. Millennia worth of
history is what these nymphet porn gallery com cultures and religions possess to back up their
allegations and my little voice would be a sheer whisper compared to
that. Yet I believe that we hardcore nymphette sites
shouldn't limit ourselves to the binding powers
of culture and religion, for they only show a small fraction of the bigger
picture. Maybe we should listen to our hearts and not to the mouths of some
single-minded preachers. underage nymphets cp Probably some will say that everything in this article is obsolete
because it's the same old story; nothing's new. Nothing's changed. But if
we truly look at it, that's where our problems lie. Humanity is not
evolving because the problems five decades ago are still problems today.Is there anything good in being gay, you may ask? In my observation, only
liberty, freedom and love. Gayness surpassed race, age, social status,
complexion, hair teeny nymphet porn color or educational background. We care for none of these
things for we are united by love. We had discovered to tolerate our
differences and strived to know our similarities more than any race or
group on the face of this earth. We are evolving one-step at a time, even
though we are persecuted because we have been brave enough to be true to
ourselves.The potential of humanity is on pause because we are letting others teens nonnude nymphet hold
the remote. Be your own voice. Be your own hands. Speak your mind. Come out
of the closet because you are not as alone as you think you are. Give your voice to the love that dares to speak its name. It took some time before the realization hit Dave. He reread the
article small naked nymphets
one more time, savoring the meaning of the words in front of
him. It stated, loud and clear, all the issues that gave him anxiety right
from the start: the prejudice, intolerance, the negative view of
society... all of it. Dave saw the argument within the article on how
humanity's genius can comprehend the complexity of science and space yet
could not tolerate the fact of same sex love. The article voiced out what
Dave wanted to say to the whole damn, bigoted world. `Give your voice to the love that dares to speak its name,' read
Dave silently. `Am I ready for that? Can I come out of the closet?' A shiver ran through Dave's spine as he imagined how the people in
his life would react if he ever admitted what he was; the studentry, his
teachers, his friends, his parents... Dave knew only a small percentage
would accept the truth about him. They had invested too much in him and
they had encased him in an image he could not afford to shred... other
people's view of him had always been important to Dave and had been the
basis of his motivations. `I'm a president...' thought Dave, `How can they follow a gay
leader?' Absentmindedly, top model nymphet
Dave scrolled down the screen and saw an intriguing
button. GAY HEROES OF HISTORY "Gay Heroes?" he little nymphet gymna muttered as he clicked. Another page materialized
on the screen and he was stunned by what he saw. It was a profile list of
prominent gay personalities and celebrities. Dave's eyes grew as he saw
some names of ancient philosophers and even renaissance artists that he
admired on the list. `I never knew he was gay?' Dave thought incredulously as he
recognized one prominent name nude child nymphs
after another. Surveying hundreds of names,
Dave pedo nymphet thumbnail
realized how stupid he was to think there were no paragons to
emulate... he himself was prejudiced, assuming there was no greatness in
gayness. He read some articles about foreign and some Filipino
homosexuals. Dave was even surprised to see some straight personalities on
the lists who did not mind advocating the gay cause, in their belief in
equality and acceptance for all. From poets to philosophers, from activists
to athletes, from soldiers to congressmen, Dave felt elated as he perused
through history. He recognized many of the Filipino names in the list; some
even made his face glow with pride because of their courage. `Courage...' Dave fiddled on his track nymphet star bbs pad for a minute, thinking hard. He'd
never felt truly afraid in the past as Dave had strong faith; he had always
been an optimist believing that with enough conviction, everything is
possible. Yet, the realist in him had always balanced his judgment letting
him see the truth and prevented him in straying from reason. Now the two
dimensions of his mind were clashing like continental plates in an
earthquake. The problem was that Dave knew people would be disappointed or even
be weirded out by him if they found out. He was not the image of the
stereotypical Filipino gay after all. Dave was not effeminate in his
movements, he never asian nymphets top sites wanted to look like a girl, unlike Ferdinand and
Marcelo, and had never been attracted to a guy before... except for
Daniel. For some reason, Dave knew that his deviance from the normal image
of bakla would raise an overwhelming number of questions. A few minutes of thinking later, Dave frowned, thinking, `What did
I see in Daniel anyway?' His mind instantly reminded Dave of his conversation with Daniel,
the connection they shared where they were both trying to forget their
insecurities by drowning themselves with work and to show other people that
they were more than they appear. Dave saw a wonderful, kind and sensitive
person in Daniel... a deep individual who shared his need to prove
something. An equal.... `I'm not ready to tell the world... not yet. But I think Daniel
would understand,' thought Dave, biting his lower lip. `It was unfair and I
owe it to him to give some explanation... the real explanation. He'll
understand...' Deciding that he had to correct his mistakes, Dave opened his word
processing program and started typing. He knew he could not talk to Daniel
and say all that he wanted to say without buckling or forgetting
something. Thus, Dave decided to write a letter instead; a letter where he
would apologize and admit everything. Daniel had shown his maturity and
empathy... Dave knew he could trust the guy. * * * Looking obviously nymphettes kids hardcore nervous, Dave sat at the barely loaded jeepney,
rereading the letter he typed just last night, shivering, partially due to
the early morning chill. It was concise and simple, as Dave had intended to
ensure Daniel would easily understand everything he wanted to say. Dave's
heartbeat pounded in his ears, slightly muffling the roaring engine of the
vehicle. Dave's plan was to get to school earlier than usual in order to
give Daniel the letter without arising suspicions from the gang. He had
asked Daniel through text to do the same. It was lucky Dave had all the
contact numbers of the Herald staffers. As Dave got off the jeepney, he
hoped Daniel was already waiting for him or he might have a hard time
trying to find an opportunity to give the letter once the gang arrived. Luckily, there were only three students in the seniors-A classroom
when Dave arrived but, unfortunately, Daniel was not there yet. Setting his
backpack on his chair, Dave prayed for Daniel to turn up soon. However,
Dave did not need to wait long as he entered the room just a few minutes
later. Dave stood and approached Daniel, who looked at him warily. "Can we talk?" asked Dave. "Outside?" "Okay," said Daniel. Dave was not sure but Daniel also looked
apprehensive as they went out to the deserted corridor. "Um... thanks for coming to school earlier than usual," Dave began
barely keeping eye contact, an act that only made Daniel's foreboding
increase. "I just wanted to apologize for... the way I kicked you off the
Herald. Here..." He pulled from his pocket the folded letter and gave it to
Daniel. Confused, Daniel took the letter then looked at Dave, uncertain of
what to do with it. "I wrote the explanation... I'm not really good at nymphet young saying sorry and
I didn't want to forget anything so I wrote it down. I hope you'll
understand," said Dave then he gave Daniel a thin, wan smile and went down
the stairs. He intended to give Daniel some space while the guy read the
letter. Dave went to the cafeteria to get some breakfast. He was so nervous
that morning he skipped it, afraid he might puke it all out if he got too
nervous while talking to Daniel. Now that he'd already handed over the
letter, Dave decided it was safe to put something in his empty stomach,
although he could not keep himself from nude litle nymphetes thinking what might be going on in
Daniel's mind right now. It was a big risk, Dave knew that, but he naked teen nymphets felt he
needed to let something out eventually or he would implode. Dave tucked in to his sandwich, while on the other side of New
Valley High, Daniel was shocked to the core as he read the letter.
Dear Daniel, I want to apologize for the way I treated you last week. I know it
was totally unfair and insensitive of me to behave the way I did. Please
believe that am truly sorry and I'm writing this letter to finally give you
the explanation, the real reason, why I did it. Probably you're wondering why I gave you a letter instead of just
talking to you personally. It's just that I'm not very good in
apologizing... you can just say that I never had enough underaged nymphets chances of
disappointing others in the past. And also, I knew that if I explained to
you in person, I illegal pix little nymphets might trip over my tongue and fail to explain everything
thoroughly. The truth is your work was never a problem; the editorials you
wrote were great but I needed an alibi to dismiss you from the Herald
because I wanted to distance myself from you... in an attempt to sort out
my mind due flat chested nymphets
to the feelings I'm experiencing towards you. I don't know how to put it any other way... I think I'm attracted
to you, Daniel. I feel something more than friendship or camaraderie. I
don't halloween nymphets pussy know what it means yet... I'm uncertain if it's just a crush,
admiration... or maybe it's already... love. Maybe be I'm bi or gay or
whatever. You have no idea how hard it is to figure out. I never felt
anything like this before but I could no longer deny the connection I feel
for you, something that I never felt for my other friends. I tried convincing myself for the past few weeks that it might just
be some weird idolization or envy, that maybe I'm just striving for french nymphets a
deeper friendship with you. I even hoped that it was just a phase, that
given time child nymphet pics
I would be able to grow out of. But the harder I tried to
continue denying it, the more it made my head spin in confusion. And also,
it made me do things that made me regret. I'm sorry for dropping this bombshell on you, it's just that I have
been going crazy keeping it all bottled up inside. Hoping that by
explaining this to you, I would be able to release some steam and make you
understand why I acted such an idiot.I'm not asking you anything in return Daniel. I'm not telling this things
to you because I expect reciprocation or for you to feel sorry for me. I
just want you to understand the real reasons behind my actions. I also want you to know that you are welcome to come back to the
Herald, if you still want to continue writing. I know how important the
Herald is for you and truthfully, the paper needs you. I'm hoping that we
can be friends again, just friends, and go back to how things were if that
is even possible. I'm truly sorry for everything I did and I hope you
understand. Respectfully, David P.S.: I'm hoping we can just keep this between the two of us. I'm
not ready for anyone to find out yet. Thank you for listening.
To be continued... (Please read the AUTHOR'S NOTE!!! PLEASE!)NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: Another new chapter. I know it took so long and you have probably
been cursing my guts out. Sorry to everyone... it's just rough right
now. I'm getting pressured left, right and center... sometimes I just wish
time would just freakin' stop so I can catch my breath. top model nymphet
I just thank God
that there's Nifty where I can vent and release my pent up frustrations. Well, I'll be job hunting sometime next week because if I don't get
at least semi-employed, I might need to sell my organs for tuition fee
hahaha! I might try to be a "pick-up boy" but I don't know if anyone would
like my package Well enough with my non-sense. I just want to thank my wonderful
readers for emailing me and also my wonderful and brilliant editor, Hari,
who just started writing his own story here in Nifty. Check it out ==>
American-English in the High School section. It's quite interesting and he
is good. Also I would like take this opportunity to beg my readers to
support me by downloading a copy of my stories chapter using the links
below. Ziddu.com is a file sharing site where you can upload original
documents, files, etc. In every unique download, Ziddu.com will pay
$0.001. A unique download is defined as "an IP address can download a
specific file only once per day". lovely nude underage nymphets So if you download the same file twice,
the site will only pay for the first download. I know this isn't much but
if it accomulate then it would still help me a lot so please support me by
downloading. It will only take a few seconds! PLEASE! This is a poor
college student begging! (Kneeling with puppy dog eyes...)Download links for Falling for a Straight Guy:http://www.ziddu.com/download/1877846/Chapter1.doc.html
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for those curious readers that want to know how ugly I look like hehehe). Thanks for the support! Criticisms is welcome just don't be rude if
you don't want me to be rude! Love lots! This story is dedicated to Deepy and Si Kelly.Fritz D. Ilagan (o_O)
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